Geo Sar Utha Kay – With Loopholes An Earnest Attempt

Geo Sar Utha Kay is directorial debut of Nadeem Cheema. Geo Sar Utha Kay introduces many actors in lead. The film is for the masses of Pakistan – the same public which used to like Punjabi films and Syed Noor’s films back in 90’s before the downfall of Pakistani cinema. Will the film be able to recover its production cost? Or will it be able to give any good actors or actresses to the Pakistani film industry? Let’s dissect Geo Sar Utha Kay.

Trailer – Geo Sar Utha Kay

Shehryar (Shehryar Cheema), Pappi Singh (Yasir Khan), Alladitta (Naeem Khan) and Sameer (Umar Cheema) are 4 brave and honest police officers, and their friendship is thicker than blood. One day Alladitta returns to his village, Rajna Pur, and enroot his buss is attacked by the muggers of Kallu (Shafqat Cheema) unfortunately Alladitta loses his life after fighting bravely with Kallu and his gang. When his friends learn about this they come to Rajna Pur to take the revenge of their brother-like friend and what happens next is what Geo Sar Utha Kay is all about.


Performance wise Babar Ali stands out prominently as SHO Rohail. In all his scenes he excels and gives a calculated performance. In the climax, Babar Ali is to look out for. The character of Kallu is very strong and among villains in Pakistan no one could do justice with it except Shafqat Cheema. Unfortunately, due to weak editing and non-linear storytelling his character could not shine through as it should have been. Shafqat Cheema did whatever he could to make Kallu a character which is full of terror. His getup reminds you of Jageera from China Gate as well in some scenes.

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Out of the four newcomers, Yasir Khan is effective and delivers better performance. Umar Cheema has good screen presence and physique, he should work on his acting and expressions; he can easily be the next action hero of Pakistani cinema provided he focuses on his career. Shehryar Cheema is not at all a hero material.

On the paper, the story of Rajna Pur is very good and sounds interesting. After all, it’s inspired by the true events based on Chhotu Gang. Sadly the direction is limited and editing is not as impressive as the film required. Songs are different from what Pakistani films are used to of. A few songs are easy to hum and have good beat as well. ‘Desi dream girl’ and ‘Deewanay’ are among those tracks which audience takes home back at the back of their mind. Sanvel Khan’s music is engaging.

Direction wise, Geo Sar Utha Kay is below-average but the efforts are visible. With two to three more movies director Nadeem Cheema has the potential to make better films. If you want to support Pakistani Cinema and have watched films like Raasta, Whistle, Thora Jee Le, Teri Meri Love Story, Sawal 700 Crore Dollars Ka for the same then go watch Geo Sar Utha Kay it is better than all the mentioned ones.

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