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The Shriekingly Painful “Whistle” – Movie Review

Pakistani cinema is suffering from an illusion; it looks like every other movie released in Pakistan will break the shackles with its script, direction, performance, music and totality, unfortunately viewers are bluffed in the name of “Revival of Pakistani Cinema”. One thing which filmmakers are not understanding is that entire “Support Pakistani Films” drama will soon going to end if they keep on producing mediocre and crappy reels which they call “Movie” in their context. Whistle is one of such films which successfully manage to disappoint on all levels.

Whistle revolves around the subject of drugs. There isn’t much to talk about the story as it is hardly based on any concrete plot. It’s just that two guys (Sohail Sameer and Osama Bin Ghazi) under the authority of Farhan Ally Agha try to bring drug traffickers down by hook or crook; and this leads to random situations which don’t match with the actual world or even common sense.

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Performance wise, Whistle is terrible. Have you ever seen people laugh out loud for no good reason? Well, you should watch Whistle to believe that there are such people. Not a single actor from the cast manages to pull the character off. Tatmain Ul Qulb is terrible; she needs to improve her acting skills. It’s high time that she should know that running, fighting and doing yoga aren’t the things on which good performances are based. Sohail Sameer is another disappointment, although the guy has good personality and screen presence but performance is the key to stay in this business. Osama Bin Ghazi is there but not at all noticeable. Ditto for Farhan Ally Agha; he looked fatigued and acts half-heartedly.

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Music of Whistle is disaster, there is an item track as well titled “Phuljari”, unaesthetically choreographed and offers lousy picturization. Whistle has dialogues which make you laugh out loud wondering how can someone come up with such one liners and terms; purely amateurish.

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Whistle is distasteful in totality, a joke on Pakistani cinema. How long will we, as Pakistani audience, bear such kind of torture in the name of Revival of Pakistani Cinema? This question is for the director (Ammad Azhar) and producer (Mian Yasin) of Whistle.

In a nutshell, the movie is WHISTLE to run for your life and in extreme direction to cinema halls. Beware!