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Thora Jee Le Is Bad To The Core

Pakistan’s film industry needs fresh faces, not the ones which have been repeatedly seen on dramas and not debuting on silver screen – this is something which is said by many who actually believe in the genuine revival of Pakistani cinema. Well, Thora Jee Le marks the launch of 6 fresh faces in pivotal characters. Rafay Rashdi exclusively selected 6 new faces along with the music director and singers for his first feature film. Let’s see what Thora Jee Le has in store for Pakistani cine-goers.

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Thora Jee Le orbits around 6 friends who reunite as one of their friends suffers from overindulgence of drugs. To help their friend they go on a road trip to Kaizad’s family home and chapters from past start to unfold. How friends support one another and how a friendship turns bitter and then back to normal is all what Thora Jee Le is all about. There isn’t much to share other than this. There is another track between Meesha and her husband Azaad; that is quite confusing.

Rizwan Ali Jaffri (Kaizaad) tries too hard to be cool with his vocals, dialogue delivery and facial expression – a total miss. Rizwan doesn’t look the character and needs to work very hard on his diction.

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Kasim Khan (T.C.) overacts that too big time. Don’t know what Kasim was thinking when acting as he looks least believable. It’s not only Kasim but Salman Faisal (Andy) who heightens the suffering for viewers with every single scene he is in. He is by far the most pathetic find – he makes audience uneasy and that is simply not acceptable for any actor.

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Ahsan Mohsin Ikram (Azaad) seems to have obsession of being known as “intense actor” that’s probably the reason why even in simple and day to day conversations he looks as if he is suffering from a trauma or tensed situation of life.

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Fatima Shah Jillani (Bahaar) is not only Sohai Ali Abro look alike but she copies her as well (she reminds me of Harman Baweja who was known for Hrithik Roshan’s lookalike throughout his short career) – she hams and gets loud for no good reason. Ramsha Khan (Meesha) is decent as an actress; very calculative performance. Bilal Abbas (Party Khan) couldn’t rise in the role which has the most substance in terms of screen-time, expressions and character depth.

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Direction and script wise Thora Jee Le is plain “bad” – even amateurs can do a far better job. There aren’t any plus points either. Rafay Rashdi fails to deliver; a subject which could have been cheerfully accepted by masses and classes both at the same time. The comical elements in the movie are PATHETIC. Sounds of farts, Andy looking for loo-spots and uncanny lizards jokes are the fundamentals of making audience laugh – they all fall flat on the face. The emotional scene between Azaad and Meesha post Bahaar’s engagement could be the backbone of the movie but it is poorly (read: disconcertingly) written and ill acted. The music is not at all mention-worthy.

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Films like Thora Jee Le should strictly be not passed from censor board or allowed to get a viewing certificate as they belittle the earnest efforts by others to revive Pakistani cinema. Movies like Thora Jee Le are the reason of collapsing and falling down of any cinema. In the name of revival of Pakistani cinema, Thora Jee Le is crass.

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