Teri Meri Love Story – A Solid Disaster

Right from the days of Dr. Aur Billa (a musical band of early 90s) Jawad Bashir has a unique way of incorporating humor in his songs and acts (Teen Bata Teen in mid-90s). It took Bashir many years to embark on the route of film production. Debuting with a horror flick “Maya”, Bashir’s latest venture is supposed to be an out and out comedy with elements of romance in it. Teri Meri Love Story is a rom-com, in which the director is equipped with years of experience. Teri Meri Love Story features Mohib Mirza, Omar Shahzad, Ushna Shah, Uzma Khan, Mohsin Abbas Haider, Salman Shahid, Laila Zubery and Ahmed Abdul Rehman in pivotal roles. Let’s see what Teri Meri Love Story has to offer to its viewers.

Trailer: Teri Meri Love Story

The movie starts with Esha (Ushna Shah) being head over heels for Ramis (Omar Shahzad) always wishing that he someday proposes her and they get married. Her friends Sherry (Mohsin Abbas) and Danish (Ahmed Rehman) communicate this to Ramis and he proposes Esha. The moment Ramis proposes Esha, soon after that Esha’s father Rana “Salman Shahid” calls her to inform that he has fixed her marriage with Nael (Mohib Mirza), his friend’s only son. From there, things take a turn and that’s what Teri Meri Love Story is all about.

First things first, the script of Teri Meri Love Story is nothing but bad. The jokes, on which the viewers are supposed to laugh, are so old that they hardly bring any downward curves to one’s face. In the entire movie it’s aimless to find sense and the plot seems questionable to the point where viewers ask to themselves “whether there was a decent plot in the movie or not?”

teri meri love story 2

Direction of Teri Meri Love Story is amongst the worst ones which Pakistani cinema has witnessed in the last couple of years. The blurry images and “one-frame-acts” make Teri Meri Love Story a visual torture. Jerks in camera work in fight scenes and some others make it look like an amateurish attempt to serve movie on immediate basis before it is fully cooked.

Performance wise, no one stands out. Only Mohib looks a bit convincing but he needs to “Act-Less” and be natural more. After “Bachaana”, this is a total disappointment from Mohib Mirza. Omar Shahzad tries to give intense look in every other scene forgetting that he is supposed to look cool. Omar needs to work on his looks other than physique, like his hairstyle and wardrobe. There’s a wardrobe malfunction in the climax action sequence, pretty obvious. Ushna Shah terribly fails to look the character and performs bad. Mohsin Abbas should not have opted for such a role, after being one of the highlights in “Na Maloom Afraad”. Although he tries to bring smile to viewers’ faces, he largely fails because of the stale jokes.

teri meri love story 3

Uzma Khan is the glam factor in the movie, one of those which are used in items songs for jhatkaas and matkaas – and in that she fails because of bad dancing skills, topped with second-rate choreography. Yes, she looks sexy in some frames but that’s it. It looks like Jawad Bashir could never come out of his pet character which keeps on coming to the screen as “Lucy” (i.e. good for nothing); this time it is Ahmed Rehman (in Bashir’s plays it used to be performed mostly by Adeel Hashmi in 90’s). Salman Shahid, a veteran actor, is wasted totally. His dialogues are painful and try too hard to bring comic element. Ditto for Laila Zuberi. Jawad Bashir as “Don” gets on your nerves. He is plain bad with serious character building and diction issues.

teri meri love story 1

Songs of Teri Meri Love Story are stuffed in the movie as they start to appear without any reason or sense. By the way directors and producers need to come out with smart ways of adding sponsors in the movie, here you’ll see a pathetic stuffing of sponsors like “Cola Next”, “Golden Pearl” and “Meezan”. If you want to save your hard-earned money, skip Teri Meri Love Story because even sit-coms on TV have better engagement and entertainment quotient. This is a disaster. It might attract people with zero intellect and those who are not familiar with quality cinema.

  • Script
  • Peformance
  • Songs
  • Direction
  • Entertainment Value