Sawal 700 Crore Dollar Ka – Movie Review

It was during the 1980’s when Sultan Rahi (Late) ruled the box office with his “Gundasa oriented” Punjabi films, and there were a only few young lads who were giving Rahi saab a decent competition in Urdu cinema including Javed Sheikh and Ghulam Mohiuddin. After a hiatus, both of these fine actors are back in Jamshed Jan Muhammed’s directorial debut “Sawal 700 Crore Dollar Ka”. The movie is also the launchpad for Ali Mohiuddin and Qurat-Ul-Ain. This Eid S7CDK is released alongside other Bollywood and Hollywood releases. Let’s see what Sawal 700 Crore Dollar Ka has to offer to die-hard Pakistani film lovers and fans of 2 living legends of Pakistan.

Tiger and Commander are 2 con-artistes and they only take up jobs which involve precious and unique jewels. In one assignment, Commander is arrested by the police and Tiger is left at large. Years later, Tiger (Javed Sheikh) plans to rob Maharaja (Nayyar Ejaz). For this robbery, Tiger needs someone who can be trusted upon. Here enters Rocky (Ali Mohiuddin); a young, smart and fearless conman. Tiger and Rocky plan and execute their plan but Inspector Khan (Shamoon Abbasi) and Ringo (Ghulam Mohiuddin) have some other plans for the duo. Will Tiger and Rocky be able to finish what they have started? What does Inspector Khan have in his mind for the 2 con-men? How Ringo changes the entire plot? To get answer of all these questions, you’ll have to watch Sawal 700 Crore Dollars Ka.

sawal 700 crore dollar ka 1

Ali Mohiuddin looks dashing but he needs to work very hard on his dialogue delivery, dancing, and emotional scenes. He can be a young action hero but then again he has to work on that as well. QuratUl-Ain plays the love interest of Ali and she needs to improve her dancing as well. Her character in the film is strong which allowed her to show her emotions and expressions but she kind of wasted it. Shamoon Abbasi is just okay. At times, Abbasi goes too over-board.

sawal 700 crore dollar ka 3

Javed Sheikh proves that he is a veteran. It’s only Javed Sheikh in the entire movie who manages to save the sinking yacht. Ghulam Mohiuddin is first-rate. If he had been given some better dialogue, Ghulam Mohiuddin would have been a treat to watch. Ismail Tara and Iftikhar Thakur are wasted, their comic sequences were majorly targeted towards the front seaters; mostly below the belt jokes – those too very lame.

sawal 700 crore dollar ka 2

A special mention for the background score team; don’t assume that audience is not familiar with Indian songs and title tracks Mera Pyar Shaalimar (Shaalimar), Laila Main Laila (Qurbani), Pyar Karne Waale Pyar Karte Hain Shaan Se (Shaan), Pyar Lo Pyar Do (Jaanbaaz) and Title Track of Race. Songs are not for repeat listening, not a single one.

The highlight of Sawal 700 Crore Dollar Ka is its VFX and this is also the most horrendous part. Some scenes are shot and executed nicely but the remaining ones don’t give realistic feel; and that is a huge letdown. The little to moderate focus on VFX and major on acting could have made the movie a decent watch, but the reversal of both is simply awful. Dialogue by Nasir Adeeb have nothing new and neither a recall value is attached to them.

Sawal 700 Crore Dollar Ka

The director, Jamshed Jan Mohamad, should come up with fresh ideas and fresher team, maybe this will help him in the long run. I rate Sawal 700 Crore Dollar Ka a strict 1.5/5 (that’s the maximum it deserves).

The movie might do well in single screens, in multiplexes it’s a laughing stock.

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