Pinky Memsaab – Movie Review

A few Pakistani filmmakers have surprised me this year by pulling off brilliant content with the ability to bring out impressive performances from their casts. At least we, in Pakistani film industry, have creative minds who are ready to experiment and are not, at this very stage, concerned about minting money by following safest formula plan to pot between rom-coms or headless action flicks. After Sarmad Masud’s My Pure Land, Asim Abbasi’s Cake and a pretty decent effort by Adnan Sarwar in Motorcycle Girl, I can say that Shazia Ali Khan, with her directorial debut Pinky Memsaab, is on the same route which has all the right signals to revive Pakistani Cinema.

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The story of Pinky Memsaab revolves around Pinky (Hajra Yamin) who leaves Pakistan and settles in Dubai, initially as the maid of Mehar (Kiran Malik) and Hassan (Adnan Jaffar) to look after their kid. Mehar introduces a new lifestyle and personality to Pinky and after a dramatic scene things get out of hand resulting in everyone parting their ways. Pinky continues to struggle and find different jobs to support her family back in Pakistan, Hassan develops and reinvents his relationship with his son and Mehar explores life with the help of her father (Khalid Ahmed). How different lives from different ethnicity and backgrounds are changed because of one event is what Pinky Memsaab is all about.

Sunny Hinduja Pinky Memsaab

Hajra Yamin as Pinky is cute, innocent, head strong and very impressive. Hajra gives a remarkable performance and keeps it simple and to the point without going overboard. Kiran Malik is another talent to look out for; Kiran is gorgeous, vivacious and loaded with zing to perform wonders. Kiran gives a believable performance and it’s easier for audience to relate with her character.

Hajra Yamin Pinky Memsaab Kiran Malik Pinky Memsaab

Adnan Jaffar does something different this time, and it’s quite impressive. The character of investment banker and a struggling man suits him, or at least he made it look natural. Sunny Hinduja (as Santosh) is a delight to watch, he handles complicated and not-so-simple scenes with utmost ease and sincerity that he amazes his audiences in almost every scene. Khalid Ahmed is effective.

Adnan Jaffar Pinky Memsaab

Pinky Memsaab is not your masala flick with flashy item songs or brainless entertainment; it’s a film which depicts a story of multiple people struggling to live their lives (mostly to look after others) with pure dedication and honesty. Shazia Ali Khan impresses her audience big-time. Her direction is decent; keeping in mind it’s her debut as director. The bar is already set higher for her second film.

Pinky Memsaab is an independent film. Pinky Memsaab is a film for those cine-goers who like content driven films with earnest and believable performances. If anyone is interested in spending 2 hour and 15 minutes (roughly) to watch a sensible film which depicts hardships, lifestyles and challenges of expats then they should know what kind of film they are buying tickets for. The film is a little dragged for 15 – 20 minutes.

Pinky Memsaab – Movie Review

At the box office, Pinky Memsaab might face difficulty, as people in Pakistan appreciate JPNA over Manto i.e. we have abundance of masses who watch mass-entertainers more than subject oriented films.

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