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Cake – A Must Watch

Pakistani film industry is going through a phase where it is experimenting with the subjects, plots, filmmaking standards and many others things. Even our audience is in a process where it is exploring different kind of storytelling. Cake was under discussions for some time and multiple people have different take on the film, some compared it with Kapoor And Sons, a few with Piku and a handful also thought that Cake has shades of Khoobsurat; but the question is “were they right? Or close to reality?” Let’s find out;

Cake – Trailer

Cake revolves around a family where Zareen (Aamina Sheikh) takes care of her aged parents (Mohammad Ahmed and Beo Rana Zafar) whereas her elder brother Zain (Faris Khalid) and younger sister Zara (Sanam Seed) live their lives separately. Things change and they all reunite when their father suffers from a heart failure. What happens next is what makes Cake a film which showcases multiple aspects of family ties, bonding, regrets, love and friendship.

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Cake is one of the best films to come out of Pakistan in a couple of years and it’s easily a finest Pakistani film which talks about relationships, family values and sacrifices one could have watched in ages. The subject is very simple but nicely thought upon. It has no larger than life elements attached to it. Dialogues of the film are natural and they involve its viewer. Script is first rate – with Urdu, English and Sindhi the writer has played very intelligently and intellectually.

Aamina Sheikh gives a brilliant performance – she is exceptional as an independent and strong-headed woman. Aamina’s emotional outbursts, arrogance, sarcasm and even romancing style will amaze you and her “Silalaikum” post credits will be remembered for years. Sanam Saeed is no less; Sanam is natural in every scene. She connects with her audience instantly. The character was very well conceived and performed even better. Adnan Malik underplays his part efficiently and in a few scenes he excels with gusto.

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Mohammad Ahmed will be remembered for the character which he played in Cake. Ahmed proves that he knows his craft and is an intense performer who knows his diction, control over expressions and comic timing. Beo Rana Zafar will be loved by her audience, initially she looks a bit loud but that’s her character and she brings that on the silver screen with utmost ease.

Asim Abbasi has done an amazing job, he should make more films. The way he has penned and executed the scenes are hard to find in Pakistani film industry. Asim’s vision is breathtaking, some scenes are exemplary and many are beautifully shot. The story has a tight-grip.

For those who thought that Cake is inspired from Kapoor and Sons, Piku or Khoobsurat, the fact is it’s not the case by any means. There’s no slightest similarity between Cake and the films mentioned here. Cake is one of those films which offer emotional connect, poetic treatment, bravura performances, directorial edge and reality-checks in abundance.

Cake is highly recommended – for t’s content, treatment and execution. At the box off this classy cake might not be the taste of the masses but those who are ardent fans of fine dine will want to consume the entire cake.

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