Motorcycle Girl – Movie Review

Adnan Sarwar is the same guy who debuted with Shah a few years ago, he is back with another film which revolves around the life of a real life national pride of Pakistan. Motorcycle Girl is amongst the most awaited films of Pakistan because of multiple reasons. Sohai Ali Abro plays the character of original Motorcycle Girl i.e. Zenith Irfan. The film is a tribute to women empowerment and how women can do whatever they wish to. Let’s see what this film has to offer to its audience.

Trailer: Motorcycle Girl

Motorcycle Girl tells the story of Zenith Irfan (Sohai Ali Abro) who works in an agency and because of her clumsiness, unusual attitude and carelessness she is not liked by her boss (Sarmad Khoosat). Zenith wants to live the dream of her father and wants to travel from Lahore to Khunjerab on her bike. After her engagement with Zafar (Ali Kazmi), she takes permission from him to go to Khunjerab on a bike trip, to which he seems very uncomfortable to digest the idea considering women shouldn’t be involved in such activities, but then he gives her the permission for “first and last time”. The entire story of Motorcycle Girl revolves around this plot and how her mother and brother support her to start her journey.


Performance wise, Sohai Ali Abro is decent and gives an earnest effort. She is loud and very lame in the first half or let’s say her office scenes are quite boring. But she stands out in her monologues. Sarmad Khoosat gives a bravura performance. He, as a threatening and shrewd boss is very believable. Sarmad should do more films. Ali Kazmi also impresses in his brief role. He underplays his part with extreme ease and flair. Sameena Pirzada gets limited scope. Adnan Sarwar is the surprise package of the film, he is much better than what he was in “Shah”. Hadi as Sohai’s younger brother is good and bears strong screen presence.

Music of Motorcycle Girl is okay and doesn’t get noticed by the audience. The dialogues are good and effective. The script is decently done. Motorcycle Girl has many emotional scenes and most of them are good, thanks to good acting skills from the cast. But the fact is, this film is a bit lengthy and drags a lot. Easily a good chunk of 30 – 40 minutes could have been chopped off and the film would have been tighter, interesting and engaging. Scenes get lengthy and audience starts to yawn in the middle of the film (even before the interval).

Motorcycle Girl is again one of those films where filmmakers show their inclination towards toilet humor with weird sounds of farts and what not. Pakistani films need to take a break from such kind of humor; else filmmakers need to master the art of executing and dealing such scenes. Unfortunately, Motorcycle Girl despite being a film of good message, content and performance won’t be able to impress the audience or do good business because it does not offer good amount of entertainment.


Motorcycle Girl talks about women empowerment at large. It is one film where the director does not try to belittle the “man” of the society. The film has some amazing dialogues which are penned very carefully. Every woman who will watch this film will absorb at least one element from the character of Zenith played by Sohai. This film is about how women can not only do what they dream but can also inspire numerous people to follow their footsteps.

Pictures from Motorcycle Girl Premiere Held In Karachi

Hats off to Adnan Sarwar, a guy who knows how to make a film in limited (read: not any huge) budget which stands out, for bringing another fresh and original story where the entire team tried to give their best, direction wise, Adnan is effective and very focused. Watch Motorcycle Girl if you want to support independent filmmaking. It’s definitely not the best but it is a decent attempt to showcase a good picture of Pakistani films. Filmmakers should realize that audience enjoys a movie which makes them happy, emotional and let their worries backseat during the film. Films like Motorcycle Girl should have more depth and emotional value to make a solid impact at the box-office.

The film in a few places, fails to connect emotionally – but it’s a good attempt in the limited budget.

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