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Evolution of Stand Up Comedy In the Last 5 Years In Pakistan

Pakistan is loaded with talent, that’s what I always say. The kind of talent we have is remarkable. Comedy is amongst the toughest genres of art. It isn’t easy to make anyone laugh, engage and sit in front of you for hours but Pakistani comedians are impeccable at whatever they do. For some stand-up comedy is something new for Pakistani audience, well, the surprise is “It’s Not”. Malik Anokha, Moin Akhtar, Liaquat Soldier, Shahzad Raza and Umar Sharif are just a few to name. They were known for stand up comedy as well as their stages plays and dramas. Fast forward to 2012, after witnessing and thoroughly enjoying many cross border stand up comedians, in Pakistan, a few comedians geared up to take the stand up comedy scene in Pakistan to the next level. And they actually did a favor to the dying industry, they literally revived it.


With the band of creatively witty stand-up comedians the market is now very fertile, again. The subjects on which these youngsters talk, and satire about is clap worthy. Whether it is Akbar Chaudhary (whose style is really different, fresh and unique), Danish Ali (one of the current bigger names in the industry), Saad Haroon (the man with classic punches) or Umar Rana (the guy who took comedy in Pakistan to a level where it is collaborating with international artists) the stand up comedy scene is in safe and groomed hands. These guys are coming up with relatable skits and the punches are funny than funnier.

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In the last few years Comedy Masala has actually gained quite a few intellectual and refined fan-base, thanks to the entire team behind it to pull off multiple shows in different cities of Pakistan by inviting international stand up comedians to home-ground and giving Pakistanis a taste of such stand up comedy which isn’t usual for them but at the same time very engaging, witty, and relatable.

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I have personally attended all the Comedy Masala shows and others in Karachi and I genuinely enjoyed them all. Whether they are organized at PACC, Grid, T2F or Arts Council they are decently managed and the crowd is also good and sporty. I wish and expect that the entire scene of stand up comedy takes another flight in the year 2018, as in February 2018, the season 1 of Comedy Masala is all planned, for more details check out this link for more details Comedy Masala (