Do Pakistan Condom TVC Unashamedly Copies Indian Ad

In Pakistan, making a TVC for a contraceptive product is quite unorthodox. Usually, ads are either below the belt, too loud or even uncanny to understand. We have a few examples from much talked about condom Josh which featured Mathira as “Mathira Plus” (pun intended). So, recently I got to watch another condom ad from Pakistan which was quite interesting, on many levels. Let’s watch it to understand its ideation.

Do Pakistan Condom TVC

The ad of Do Pakistan Condom received mixed response from viewers. For some it is amongst the well-made and less cheesy ads in the same niche, definitely they compared it with JOSH. But some were asking why someone would gift his wife a condom in front of so many other people, no matter how strong the bond of friendship is; in Pakistan it is somewhat hard to digest this scene. But then again, the condom wasn’t shown in the gift box, so people might be assuming things about it, plus the wife never opened the gift box too.

One can come up with many justifications and assumptions in favor and against the TVC of Do Condom but no one can support the “copy-paste” element associated with this TVC. TVC of Do Condom is unashamed copy of Nirav Modi Jewelers TVC featuring Priyanka Chopra and Sidharth Malhotra. You think it’s a coincidence? Watch this and share your thoughts:

Now, what do you say? Is the ad agency same for both the products? The local agency loved the concept so much that they couldn’t stop themselves but blatantly copy the entire idea by changing “Surprise” with “Yes” in the TVC?

Come on; don’t fool people, brands or whoever you think you can bluff!

Already Pakistani ads are not much talked about because of the way they are executed and shot; please don’t tag Pakistani ad filmmaking fraternity as copy-cats in the eyes of those who are watching us. Finally, I’d like to say to the agency which made the ad of Do Pakistan Condom.

“Stop adulterating the ad-film industry.”