A Digital Agency Take On Sholay

Sholay was released in 1975 and even after 4 decades the movie has managed to inspire individuals from different parts of the world. Today everyone proclaims that “Content Is The King”, Sholay is a legendary example of high quality content mixed with great context. Credit for Sholay’s great content goes to the magical writer-duo Salim-Javed. Dialogues like

  1. Array Oh Saambha Kitna Inaam Raakhay hai Sarkaar Hum pe?
  2. Bohat Yaaraana lagta hai!
  3. Basanti, inn kutton kay saamnay matt naachnaa
  4. Isski Sazaa Milaygi, baraabarr milaygi
  5. Jabtak tere pair chalaingay, usski saans chalaygi, tere pair rukay toh yeh bandooq chalaygi
  6. Kia Piyari Baatain Karti hai, Pyari nahin bohat saari baatain karti hai
  7. Tera kia hoga kalia?
  8. Yeh haath humko de thaakurrr
  9. Younki yeh kaun bola?
  10. Mujhe gabbar chahiyay, woh bhi zinda!

There are many others… These dialogues from Sholay were box-office hit and are still impact-full. That’s the power of content.

Imagine SHOLAY was set-up in a digital ad agency’s backdrop. How would these dialogues be like? Here’s a take on Sholay, keeping today’s Digital ad Agencies in mind…


suicide yeh-dosti younkimujhe-gabbar

Do you think of any other dialogues? Share your favorite ones!

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