Victoria Janashvili All Set To Change Beauty Standards

Victoria Janashvili needs no introduction. She is one of the most prominent fashion photographers who are known in the industry. She has worked with rookies as well as most famous and known models. Victoria is all set to publish her book of photographs which features different kinds of bodies of women, shorter, taller, curvaceous and from different ethnicities and races. According to Victoria Janashvili, the book is actually a memento to celebrate womanhood – of all sizes and kinds.

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Victoria Janashvili has started shooting some hot, exotic and sexy photographs of Marina Bulatkina and Denise Bidot.

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According to Victoria Janashvili, most women in America are size 14. Even then people continue to set stereotypes as standards. In her professional career Victoria has worked with numerous models from different age, sizes, ethnicities and personalities. She thinks that it’s her small way of contributing to the society to create awareness about real womanhood and break the social stereotypical ideologies. It’s all about making a woman confident in her own skin without feeling uncomfortable.

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Both the models Bulatkina and Bidot are featured in great angles. They both went nude and their bodies were covered in body paint. These are stunning and mind blowing shots. Checkout yourself and share your views on plus size women!

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Image Courtesy: Victoria Janashvili + (Victoria Janashvili  Facebook)

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