Verna – Art Without Soul

Shoaib Mansoor is the name of sensible and serious cinema, a filmmaker who makes quality films with strong message and high entertainment value (keeping Khuda Ke Liye and Bol in focus). Shoaib Mansoor is back with his new venture Verna which features Mahira Khan, Haroon Shahid and Zarrar Khan in pivotal characters. Let’s see what Verna has to offer to its audience.

Trailer – Verna

Aimal (Haroon Shahid) with his wife Sara (Mahira Khan) and sister Mahgul (Naimal Khawar) leaves for Hunza from home but their plan changes and they hit to a secluded park, to enjoy their outing. Sara is abducted by 2 armed men and they threat Aimal if he tries to get smart with them, he might lose his life and they might also take their sister with them; if he cooperates with them they will return his wife after a few days. After 3 days Sara returns her home and wants to file a case against the kidnapper and the rapist but her family does not allow her to do so. One thing leads to another and Sara decides to take revenge from Sultan (Zarrar Khan) the man who raped her. What happens next is what Verna is all about.

The topic of Verna is very serious and the film raises multiple questions on political, religious and cultural practices. Verna is a thought provoking film which makes an impact i.e. make its audience realize the situation of Pakistan.

Verna film review

Performance wise, Verna is a total miss. Mahira Khan at places under-acts and on other places over acts; especially in climax she reminds of Shahrukh Khan with her expressions and dialogue delivery style. Unfortunately because of weak character build-up and below average dialogues, Mahira Khan couldn’t do much to save the film. Haroon Shahid bores his viewers and fails to impress. He has a long way to go as an actor, he needs to work on his diction, body language, expressions and acting. Zarrar Khan is strictly okay, he is amongst the luckier ones who got some good dialogues but he lacks the conviction power. The pick of the lot from Verna is Rasheed Naz, hands down. Naz is first rate.

Verna is a film which is set on an emotional issue but fails to connect with its audience emotionally. Audience cannot connect with the character of Sara. It is very easy to make someone cry, keeping in view the story revolves around the rape victim, there aren’t any moments where audience can feel the wrath, helplessness or emotional disturbance caused to the character of Sara because of weak storytelling, mediocre execution and below average performances. Films like Kaabil, Pink, Mom, Maatr and Bhoomi revolved around the same subject i.e. “rape victim and vengeance” to some extent but Verna is the weakest one and even half cooked.

Music of Verna is okay, there is nothing to talk about it – it just helps the film to proceed and that’s why most of the songs are in the background. Apart from one or two songs, audience can’t hum or remember other tracks.

As a filmmaker, Shoaib Mansoor’s Verna might be amongst his close-to-heart venture but for audience Verna is the weakest one out of his three films. Verna does not offer any entertainment value, it does not offer good performances and lastly it is not a movie which viewers will like to watch again.

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