Bachaana Movie Review
Bachaana Movie Review

Pakistani film industry is pacing up and releasing films frequently. That in itself is the revival of Pakistani cinema, which once we used to talk and dream about. Bachaana is the recent release which stars Mohib Mirza, Sanam Saeed and Adeel Hashmi in pivotal roles. The movie is directed by Nasir Khan and penned by Saad Azhar. It will not be wrong to say that Bachaana is among the most anticipated movies of Pakistan. Let’s see what Bachaana is all about.

Bachaana starts with introduction of Waqas aka Vikki (Mohib Mirza) who is a taxi driver cum tourist in Mauritius. Vikki is from Pakistan. 2 day old bride, Aalia (Sanam Saeed), an Indian Muslim, lands Mauritius with her husband Jehangir aka “J” (Adeel Hashmi). Vikki bumps into Aalia and is hired by them to drop them to their hotel. Once the newly wed couples reaches hotels and Vikki lefts, strange things start to happen, resulting Jehangir asking Aalia to return to her country and he disappears. While her way back to the airport, things take another turn which ends up into meeting Vikki again. What happens next is what Bachaana is all about. Watch it to explore!

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Performance wise, Bachaana stand tall on three pillars, Mohib Mirza, Sanam Saeed and script. Mohib Mirza is undoubtedly the most stylish, relaxed and impeccable actor who is what you might just tag as “Filmy Material”. He has looks, and he knows that completely; that’s why he flaunts those heroic looks whenever camera captures him. He is a star, provided he is offered right movies with good script. Sanam Saeed is very competent. As a main lead heroin with multiple emotions to express faultlessly is not joke. She complements Mohib and Bachaana is her remarkable attempt.

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There’s a third hero in the film i.e. the script. Dialogues are fresh, witty and easy to relate with (keeping India’s and Pakistan’s humor and lifestyle). Locations are beautiful, for which Mauritius is already known for. Adeel Hashmi tries to act a lot. He has great looks and he looked convincing too in initial scenes but viewers kept seeing that again and again. Adeel needs to act a little lesser to make his character convincing.

There are two minuses in Bachaana. The fight scenes and chase sequence are half cooked; they could have been a lot better. The music is okay, background score leaves some impact but that’s just it.

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Bachaana is not a thought provoking movie or preaches any message. It is a clean, simple, fun and on the run movie. It offers a few laughs, god acting, witty script (at places) and a captivating tale. It’s not easy to achieve high engagement with only three characters in the movie. It’s a nice effort to introduce a light-hearted cinema to Pakistani market.

I rate Bachaana a good 3/5. Go and enjoy with your family. It’s genuine family entertainer.

  • Acting
  • Humour
  • Direction
  • Music
  • Entertainment Value