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Strings Back In The Game – Urr Jaoon Is Jami’s Finest

Pakistani pop industry was once the talk of town. We had great singers, amazing bands and performers who could easily bring down the crowd and made them enjoy the concerts like anything. Currently we are left with a handful of bands which are coming out with their albums after some gaps. Strings recently launched the new album which is the 30 years celebration of the band. One song was released last month and the latest one titled “Urr Jaoun” is recently released. The Video of Urr Jaoon is definitely one of the finest concepts to come out from Pakistani pop industry.

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Urr Jaoon – Music Video

Urr Jaoon is the latest track by Strings which is directed by Jami. The video of Urr Jaoon is so well conceived and brilliantly conceptualized that it connects with the viewers emotionally. Although it reminds me of the same video shoot style for which Strings is known for right from Sir Kee Hai Yeh Pahaar, Dour and many other videos, with a slight change i.e. the message. Urr Jaoun’s music video reconfirms that Pakistan has an edge over its pop music and video shoots as well; all that is required is a nice team to take things to next level.

The song is a treat for Bilal Maqsood’s fans. Bilal hasn’t lost his touch; in fact he has become more matured in terms of the craft of this voice. The direction of the video makes it even more engaging and interesting.

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Strings is one of the oldest Pakistani pop music bands and the kind of work the duo is doing even today is clap-worthy. From lyrics to vocals and from music to the way the entire video is filmed, Urr Jaoon is a decent track which offers melody, message and meaningful music. Hats off to the entire team behind.

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