Can You Recall These Pakistani Pop Gems? Take The Challenge

Pakistani Pop Music was one of its kind. Remember the days of Music Channels Charts? Those were amazing days and that program launched so many youth and pop icons of its time. Even before Music Channel Charts there were singers like Alamgir, Nazia Hasan, Zoheb Hasan, Hassan Jehangir and Sajjad Ali etc. but with Music Channel Charts came a flood of talent. back in those days there were many pop bands and singers. Aamir Zaki, Junoon, Fringe Benefits, Yatagan and countless others were busy in making some extra-ordinary music.

Do you know back in that time, Awaz performed for MTV? Yes, the kind of music which Pakistan had in 90’s was class apart. We are sure that you will feel nostalgic after watching the following video; rest assured some great and unmatched memories will flash from your eyes and you will thoroughly enjoy this compilation.

So, how was that? You enjoyed it right?

Do let us know if you really liked this so that we can come up with another amazing compilation and concept for you all very soon!

Wish we have such Pop Music Scene In Pakistan again…