Shor Sharaba – “C Grade” Version of Hulchal Loaded With Vulgarity

Pakistani Cinema is going through a year where one can hardly name 2 or 3 decent films released so far; even the Eid releases (like Azaadi, Na Band Na Baraati and Wajood) last month didn’t do well at the box office besides banning the Bollywood’s Race 3. It’s one of those stages for Pakistani film makers to comprehend the fact that audience is smarter and much exposed as compared to them and they need to up their game else there will be no option but to cry over spilled milk. Shor Sharaba is a film which released last week and most of the people didn’t know about this film. Let’s see what Sohail Khan’s Shor Sharaba has to offer to its audience

Trailer Shor Sharaba

Shor Sharaba’s story has nothing much to offer, to be exact, at least for those who’ve watched Priyadarshan’s 2004’s comic-entertainer “Hulchul”. Shor Sharaba is hugely inspired from the same film; plus it also features most of the scenes from the same film with very below average dialogues and brutal acting skills. The character of Amrish Puri (late) is played by Mustafa Qureshi, Kareena Kapoor’s character is played by Rabi Pirzada, Adnan Khan played Akshaye Khanna’s character and Ahmad Butt played Paresh Rawal’s role. There is not much to tell about the film.

Video Movie Review Shor Sharaba

Performance wise Shor Sharaba offers zero value; no one out of the entire lot manages to give a memorable or at least decent performance. There are some horrifying actors in the film who waste your time, money and belief in Pakistani Cinema, specially Meera (who is seen in a character that caters to front seaters and is loaded with vulgar background voice-over). Ahmed Butt’s dialogues revolve mostly around the fact that he’s shown as a man who is at a point where he cannot manage to stay bachelor because of his hormonal imbalance. I mean which kind of groom asks the brother of the bride before Nikkah “Saij Saj Gayee Kia?” Plus when his father asks him to divorce Meera just moments after their Nikkaah, he responds “Abba jee Kal de doonga” – these are very deep dialogues to understand the level of frustration Ahmed Butt’s character must be going through.

Rabi Pirzada Shor Sharaba

Rabi Pirzada has nothing to offer in terms of acting and she is used as an eye candy, filmmaker used her as a prop and eye-candy to invite mass audience which use to go to single screens back in 90’s and mid 2000’s. Adnan Khan performs similar to Shayan Khan (Na Band Na Baraati) and Fardeen Khan (Bollywood actor); that’s all one can say about him and his performance.

Rabi Pirzada Shor Sharaba 2

It’s very saddening to watch Nisho, Bahaar and Mustafa Qureshi casted in such a film where they even couldn’t perform their parts well. After all they are legends of Pakistani Cinema. Rangeela’s son tried hard to mimic his father but it’s not 70’s or 60’s when crowd will appreciate such things – his character in Boota From Tooba Tekh Singh (1999) was impressive than this film’s Waseem.

There’s an item number in the film as well, that is filmed on Laila. It’s one of the weirdest item numbers where there’s nothing going sensibly right. This song is shot for only one purpose that’s skin-show!

There are times when you want to support your cinema and you actually plan to watch even those films which are ridiculed by masses through their trailer. Shor Sharaba is one such film which became the laughing stock before its release because of the teaser and trailer. Unfortunately it’s one of the pathetic films that is added in the list of films like Na Band Na Baraati.