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Azaadi is a tasteless movie which gets on the nerves of viewers

In India and Pakistan, people watch films for enjoyment, mostly. A film that is smartly written and made is always liked by the audience. Those filmmakers who try to stuff message in any film without the entertainment quotient usually fall flat on their face. In Pakistan, as well as in India, Eid is a great occasion to release any film that is backed with some good content and has any known celebrity in it. This year in Pakistan there are 4 films releasing this Eid. One of the much talked about films that is releasing this Eid in Pakistan is Azaadi. Azaadi is termed as the comeback film of Moammar Rana, although he was last seen in Saya-e-Khuday-e-Zuljalal, which was bombed at the box office. Azaadi also features Nadeem and Sonya Hussyn in pivotal characters.

Kashmir is a very sensitive topic for not only Kashmiris but for Pakistanis as well. Azaadi revolves around the lives of Muslims living in Kashmir. What they have to go through on daily basis is what Azaadi tries to tell. Zara lives in London and is in love with Raj, they want to get married, but one day Zara finds out that she got married with her cousin Azaad when they were just kids. She fails to recall and tries leaves for Kashmir where Azaad’s family resides. Once in Kashmir, Zara gets to know that Azaad has joined freedom fighting forces and is fighting for the freedom of Kashmir. Zara’s only motive to visit Kasmir revolves around getting divorce papers signed by Azaad. What happens next in this journey is what Azaadi is all about. A potpourri of romance, patriotism, action and drama – that’s Azaadi.


Moammar Rana looks fatigued, although he must have worked really hard on his physique and muscles but the soul is missing in his character. Moammar Rana tries to convince his character with his heavy voice but that looks too much forced upon and audience fails to connect with the character of Azaad. His fighting sequences are pathetically choreographed. Sonya Hussyn looks like a “model” walking, jogging and dancing in tensed Kashmir. She does try to bring out the actress but she has a long way to go. Sonya’s dancing needs a lot of improvement, practice and substance.


Nadeem is given a very strong role that is backed by some amazing dialogues but the way they are filmed, they don’t make an impact. Even Nadeem tries to give his best, proving that he is the veteran and legendary actor but if the film falters on direction and execution, it isn’t an actor’s flaw.


Direction wise Azaadi is a weak film as it fails to make an impact, there are a few good scenes here and there but in totality the film is lengthy, weak, dull, and unbelievable; I mean how can you expect 6 people fighting against the entire army of Kashmir? Well, we aren’t living in 90’s o believe this. Plus there’s no conviction is the story which can make one think, even for the tiniest fraction of minute that the team of 6 is so smart like Mission Impossible’s or Expandables that they can pull off anything.

The biggest flaw in Azaadi is that the diction of every actor from main lead to the supporting cast; none have worked on the dialect. Let me share a relatable example here. Haider, featuring Shahid Kapoor and Tabu, was also based in Kashmir, but the way they delivered their dialogues was as per the native language of Kashmir. In Azaadi, it looks like that Gujjars and Memons are trying to enact the dialogue as Kashmiris.


The film is a total waste, on many grounds. A patriotic film which fails to connect, a film that should have abundance of action and impressive stunts offer nothing but mockery of action scenes. Azaadi is a tasteless entertainer which gets on the nerves of viewers; it isn’t easy to bear a two and a half hour film which lacks on content, script, performances, action and entertainment.

I don’t see any reason for people to spend 700 – 1000 PKR for a film like this. For multiplexes it’s a definite miss, for single screens, it can pull off to certain level because of Moammar Rana’s fan following and Sonya Hussyn’s avatar.

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