Na Band Na Baraati – Movie Review

Na Band Na Baraati – Distressing & Boring Attempt In The Name Of Rom-Com!

Pakistani film industry is suffering from bad films and half-baked ideas. In the year 2018, almost all the films bombed at the box office and this is a disturbing sign for the entire industry. This Eid, 4 Pakistani films released, which even caused a delay in the release of Race 3, but what’s the outcome? They couldn’t impress their audiences. Na Band Na Baraati is produced by Zashko and is a launch pad for Shayan Khan; which also includes Mikaal Zulfiqar, Anzhlika Tahir, Nayab Khan and Ali Kazmi along with other actors. NBNB was, from its start, aimed to the younger audience and was promoted as the rom-com. To find out whether the film satisfies its audience or not, let’s explore!

Trailer: Na Band Na Baraati

Na Band Na Baraati revolves around two brothers played by Shayan Khan and Mikaal Zulfiqar. Both brothers are involved with their respective girlfriends but one day things change as Mikaal Zulfiqar accidentally signs the marriage paper of Shayan Khan and Shayan’s girlfriend Anjhelika becomes the official wife of Mikaal. What happens after that is what makes Na Band Na Baraati a comedy of errors, at least as per filmmakers. Ali Kazmi is shown in love with Anzhelika but her father Mehmood Akhtar doesn’t like him. Qavi Khan as the father of both the heroes is seen doing mischievous attempts to make family life. Na Band Na Baraati is directed by Mehmood Akhtar who is a known Pakistani TV actor from 80’s and 90’s. This movie is Mehmood Akhtar’s directorial debut.

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Shayan Khan fails to impress audience on multiple grounds. Shayan Khan doesn’t have the hero-like aura and personality; his voice and performance both need a lot of improvement. Pakistani film industry has never seen a hero like this; who is least convincing. Shayan’s dance moves are pathetic, his emotional scenes are hilarious and his comic scenes shock the audience. Shayan takes most of the screen time because of the home-production card (probably) and it looks like Mikaal Zulfiqar is doing an extended cameo in the movie.

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Mikaal Zulfiqar is okay, probably the only actor who is doing something right. Ali Kazmi is wasted, he is a good actor but watching him essaying a role of a hopeless baddy isn’t a satisfying thing at all for his fans. Anjhelika is plain bad. She struggles bigtime to get her lines pronounced correctly, forget about her performance. Ditto for Nayab Khan. Atiqa Odho looks and acts weird. Qavi Khan gets on the nerves for playing such a weird character which is anything but good.

Mehmood Akhtar as actor and as director fails to sail the ship. His acting used to be good on TV but in this particular film, he ruins it. Na Band Na Baraati is badly directed, there’s no aesthetics involved in the movie. Even students can make hundred times better film than Na Band Na Baraati.

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The music of Na Band Na Baraari is okay, but the way these songs are filmed is terrible. Not even a single song stands out in the film based on its execution of filming. Dialogues of NBNB are bad. A few of the dialogues are copied from films like Sultan, Indrajeet and Raanjhana.

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NBNB disappoints on several points. Films like NBNB shows that it’s high-time for Pakistani film industry to have another body besides “Censor-board” that strictly focuses on the quality of the film as a whole. Films like Na Band Na Baraati bring down the Pakistani film industry. With weak content, below average performances, pitiful direction and awful narrative, Na Band Na Baraati is distressing and boring film which easily irritates its viewers.

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