The New Josh Ad Is An Eye Opener

We have all seen tons of contraceptive ads, specially condom ads. They all differ in their approaches to attract the audiences. Some advertise from a pure Family Planning perspective where as some take it to the other extremes of objectification and sensuality. For a viewership like ours, objectifying women specially in a condom ad hurts! It’s shamefully okay with us when ads for clothing, food, appliances, etc., objectify women but when its a condom ad – our ghairat hurts!

Josh – Mathira TVC

The new Josh TVC that features Mathira Khan enjoying a travel trip with a special Josh touch is an amazing example of how a condom ad can be just bold enough to catch people’s attention for the product and at the same time not touch the extremes of objectification and indecency to avoid provoking people’s sentiments for a protest.


The smart way the ad keep the ‘family’ planning theme intact is genius!! It’s a pleasure trip with her husband, not a casual affair. Small elements of ‘Hubby’ and ‘Mrs Rana’ safely keep our cultural sensitivities in check. And it’s not only these recent ads, previously Josh aired its TVC in which Mathira enters a shop and boldly asks for a condom which subliminally highlight the need for behaviour change among people when they buy a condom, another smart approach indeed!


With the dire need to educate people about importance of contraceptives in Pakistan, how long will we go making bland and bhenji themed ads that fail to capture people’s attention for the product. The right balance and element of surprise that keeps people hooked to the TVC right till end is superb approach by Josh! Seems like they really are out there to make a mark in the condom market of Pakistan though their unique advertising style.