#McDonaldsSurprise In Karachi- With Coke Studio Celebs

Music is the food for soul, McDonalds is all set to improve our taste buds for food and music. This is the reason why McDonalds came with a surprise last weekend in Karachi, at McDonalds Sea View. #McDonaldsSurprise was all about collaborating with singers of Coke Studio so that visitors could enjoy a good evening of great food and amazing music. Rache Viccaji was invited at the event and she rocked the crowd with some awesome music and songs. Events like these are often organized by McDonalds, prior to last week; it was in Lahore and Ali Sethi was there to rejoice the moments of the audience.

The plan by McDonalds is quite interesting that is to bring different singers from Coke Studio to multiple cities on the weekends, at McDonalds’ franchise. This is a great way to create buzz about the brand as well as for the upcoming season of CokeStudio9. Singers like Junaid Khan, Racheal Viccaji, Noori and Ali Sethi have been roped for this drive by Mc Donald’s.

Last night in Karachi, the social media was flooded with the tweets, Instagram posts and Facebook updates etc. which were all focused on one hashtag i.e. #McDonaldsImLovinIt. Following are a few tweets which showcase how amazingly the particular hashtag was trending.