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Magnum Party 2015 – Fashion Event of the Year

Magnum, the grand ice-cream brand has come out with the most majestic fashion event; “The Magnum Chocolate Party 2015” which has been the talk of the town since being announced. Held on the 29th August 2015, this event was definitely the Fashion Event of the year.

The Magnum Chocolate Party has attracted some great fashion industry names. This exuberant fashion show presented chocolate and fashion together in a way which has never been showcased before. The Magnum Party 2015 brought together Pakistan’s distinguished fashion designers to show their creativity by blending in their inspiration from chocolate with their fashion creations.

Select invitations were sent out to fashion enthusiasts, bloggers and media personalities to attend the event where as an open invitation to watch out for the event was broadcasted through the Magnum’s ad.

Watch Karachiites being invited to the Magnum’s Chocolate Party in Kareena Kapoor’s Magnum ad:

The center piece created by Fahad Hussayn stole the show. Yes, it was by far the best fashion creation of the event and guess what, it was made of chocolate. Could it be any better? No, I don’t think so. A masterpiece creation for excited passion seekers.

Magnum Party 2015 2

Designers which showcased their creations in the Magnum Chocolate Party included Shehla Chatoor, Nomi Ansari, Omar Farooq, Khadija Shah and Maheen Karim.

These designers brought forward a special look to their creations inspired by Magnum Chocolate. The fashion creations by the renowned designers emitted an aura of royalty much as that possessed by Magnum.

Shehla Chatoor is not a new name in the fashion industry. Her creations create sensations wherever they are presented. And yes, they were the true picture of affluence, creativity and beauty.

Magnum Party 2015 3

Omar Farooq, the man behind the Republic, has gone through major depths and has created designs which were amazing. Abbas Jaffery, the highest paid male model of the year was spotted on the ramp wearing an Omar Farooq outfit.

Magnum Party 2015 4

Maheen Karim, a well-known fashion designer created such a fantastic combination of chocolate color blending in with shades of gold. Elan Fashion House also presented their beautiful designs in the party which were really chic and eye catching.

What Designs for Bridge Kay Iss Paar Awaam

The Magnum Party 2015 can easily be declared as the most creative fashion event of the year. The party was a treat for people who love chocolate and who doesn’t? Right?

Magnum Party 2015 – Highlights From The Event

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