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Jhaanjhar Di Paanwaan Chankaar – Blast of Laughter and Quality Entertainment

I became Sarmad Khoosat’s fan after watching Manto, I watched it at least 4 times in the cinema and thoroughly enjoyed it. When I got to know that Sarmad will be performing in a theatre play titled Jhaanjhar Di Panwaan Chankaar at Arts Council in Karachi, I couldn’t wait to watch him perform live. And this made me watch the play last night. I was excited to watch it!

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Just like the set of Jhaanjhar Di Panwaan Chankaar, its cast is also minimal featuring Sarmad Khoosat, Imaan Shahid, Samiya Mumtaz and Zain Afzal. The name of the play is inspired by, Lollywood’s Queen, Anjuman’s song sung by Madam Noorjehan “Jhaanjhar Di Paanwaan Chhankaar” which means ‘sound of my anklets’ bells’.

Jhaanjhar Di Paanwaan Chankaar is about two guys who are totally extremes of one another Hamza (Zain) and Zaman (Sarmad). The play is also about how visually impaired Hamza wants to become musician despite all the hardships and complexities present in his life. It’s also about a carefree “nikamma” but not “ganda” Zaman wants to live free like butterflies and live his life on his own terms but at the same time he’s going through a disorder or let’s put it as a phobia of getting committed in life. Jhaanjhar Di Paanwaan Chankaar at one point talks about over protective mom Mrs. Rubina Sohail’s (Samiya) concerns about her son and at the other point talks about the difference between encouragement and pity.

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The play is intensely written and it’s a blend of wittiness, brainy satire and strong performances. One liners and punchlines are very clever; spectators applaud throughout because of the high entertainment quotient in abundance. Fatima Maan and Saeed Rahman have done astonishing work and they should be appreciated for the original and though-provoking concept.

The scenes where Sarmad talks about his mother’s hobbies, brings the reference of Snow White and discusses why he wants Kashmir to be in Pakistan now are backed with high-quality script. Sarmad Khoosat is steals the show. The way he depicts Zama is simply faultless. He makes sure that audience notices him even when he doesn’t have any lines to say. The way he dances, uses the stage, delivers his dialogues, and involves the audience; it’s impeccable. Sarmad makes you laugh, whistle, and dance with this performance. Zain Afzal is a talent to look out for as a blind youngster. Zain’s emotional scenes and satirical scenes are highlight of the play. His confrontation with his mother is very nicely executed and performed. Samiya Mumtaz and Imaan Shahid are effective in their characters as well.

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Jhaanjhar Di Paanwaan Chankaar is an amusing play to watch, the play is easily the finest stage plays of Pakistani stage dramas i.e. genuinely good content and greater performances. Sarmad Khoosat and Kanwal Khoosat received standing ovation last night for bringing the play in front of the theatre enthusiasts.

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