Hua Kuch Yoon – Kay Kuch Bhi Nahin

Stage plays in Pakistan are in the phase of revival or let’s put it as they are trying to get back in the limelight with the zeal and passion of youngsters directed by seasoned minds. With plays like Aangan Terha, Sawa and Paynay 14 August, Siachen and Bananistan etc. one can witness the efforts theater enthusiasts are applying.  Dawar Mehmood’s recent theatre play which is written by veteran actor Sajid Hassan, is titled Hua Kuch Yoon. Hua Kuch Yoon is produced under the banner of KopyKats Productions. The play is appreciated by both masses and the classes previously but this time, let’s see what it has to offer with its cast, directions, script and the way it is executed in Karachi Arts Council.

Hua Kuch Yoon

Dawar Mehmood’s play, Hua Kuch Yoon premiered last week in Karachi and it was introduced by legendary Anwar Maqsood to the audience with all his best wishes; plus Maqsood also shared that in the history of any stage play in Karachi, this play i.e. Hua Kuch Yoon has 180 performers, and that is quite a huge number.

Hua Kuch Yoon Karachi Play 2

Hua Kuch Yoon talks about and depicts the not-so-romantic tale but yet the writer wants audience to believe that it’s a love story that is set in the back drop of Indo-Pak partition, which starts post partition and lingers on after partition. The story begins when the parents of protagonists die in the massacre of Jallianwala Baagh and then the kids Quratul Ain and Raja are adopted by a Sikh and Muslim family respectively. They spend their childhood with one another to little extent and then Quratul Ain meets Raja in her college days but due to a debate competition and being die-hard supporter of Congress (Quratul Ain) and Muslim League (Raja) don’t connect on good terms. What happens next is what Hua Kuch Yoon is all about, which includes multiple characters, ideologies, humor, satire and romance (if that’s anyone can fetch out of the play).

Sajid Hasan On Hua Kuch Yoon

On totality, Hua Kuch Yoon lacks good performances. The main leads of the play don’t impress and audience fails to connect with them. Both performers could not give an impactful performance. The guy who played the police officer, Faraz Ali, was loud but he brings unique performance in the play and he is a fine talent to look up to. The actor who performed as the villain is also dependable and gives a few good scenes to clap and enjoy. The performer who played the senior version of Raja was decent and pulled the character well, as compared to the other cast.

Hua Kuch Yoon Karachi Play 4

The script of Hua Kuch Yoon is amongst the weakest plots I personally have witnessed. Dialogues were weak, amateurishly written and failed to impress audience. It looks like the new generation in support of the veterans has some sort of fetish with toilet humor and terms like “tatti” (which was actually used in this very play). Unfortunately, based on the script and dialogues Hua Kuch Yoon is not any fine audience’s cup of tea.

Hua Kuch Yoon Karachi Play 3

The production has, at one point, really outdid itself but on the other point it has also let go the art of authenticity associated with the props and objects used to recreate the times they were planning to depict.

Dawar Mehmood would have realized by now that it’s only Anwar Maqsood with whom his plays were a little bearable based on the quality content, with Sajid Hasan it’s a dream close to impossible to get creative juices flowing from the words. The character of Quratul Ain is very imaginary as one cannot come up to such a character who literally had to impose herself on the shy boy.

Hua Kuch Yoon Karachi Play 1

The play will run till 15th March, 2018; so, if you still want to watch what Hua Kuch Yoon has to offer, please go and buy your tickets. If you’ll go with little to no expectations then there are chances that you won’t abhor the play. Be assured that the play is almost 2 hours long and is very dragged on many points.

The performers from the play include Fareeha Raza, Saad Farukh Khan, Mujtaba Rizvi, Adil Bangash, Faraz Ali, Taha Humayun and Maria Saad etc.

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