The History of Revival Of Pakistani Cinema And Current Scenario

Pakistani Cinema has always been in a mess; in every era it suffered from huge criticism and the most disappointing thing is that, filmmakers never learned anything from that criticism. A few, who were courageous enough tried to break the pattern and came out with acceptable films but it does not take only one to break the shackles. Remaining film industry was busy in making mediocre and substandard movies. Such a shame that Pakistani film industry failed to come up with an intense, soulful and message oriented Urdu film over the past few decades.

There was a time when directors like Syed Noor used to whine that because of technology Pakistanis cannot make good movies – well that’s just rubbish, as it takes a good script, a decent director, some believable actors who know how to perform and finally a crisp editor to come out with an engaging and entertaining film. Now, we have technology as well, but again we are producing trashy movies like Jalaibee, Thora Jee Le, Sawaal 700 Carore Dollar Ka, Teri Meri Love Story and Whistles and list continues. The thought-provoking thing is that even in the premiere, people feel uneasy while watching many films, how can anyone expect that someone will buy a ticket and watch crap?

Recently, 3 films which released (Thora Jee Le, Balu Mahi and Whistle) are sheer displeasure. Balu Mahi might have some potential for certain movie goers, but the remaining two are total disasters. Producers want audience to support Pakistani movies, but do they comprehend that the types of films they make are painful. It looks like Pakistan either lacks talent or the real talent never reaches to the audience because of so many bridges.

Also the forthcoming movies are not exciting; at least their trailers tell it all. Raasta is Sahir Lodhi’s debut film where you’ll be seeing him fitting in to the shoes of Bollywood Baadshah, Shahrukh Khan, not only me but entire social media and public believe this. Even “Chalay Thay Saath” has a very unimpressive trailer. Filmmakers of Pakistani Cinema need to learn how to make and edit trailers; they should make spellbinding and exciting promos, if not the movies; this is the only way to get audience to the cinema for a better opening.

Following are a few movies with which this “Revival of Cinema” phrase was boosted for in Pakistani Cinema, and beside them very few movies are there to actually appreciate;



No Paisa No Problem

Tere Pyar Mein

Yeh Dil Aapka Hua

Khuda Ke Liye


Namaloom Afraad

Actor In Law

3 Bahadur

It is high time to make good films and not just copy the plot from a Bollywood movie and present it in the backdrop of Lahore, Karachi, Shogran etc. Even the names of the upcoming movies are so identical with Bollywood, like Saat Din Mohabbat In (featuring Mahira Khan and Shehreyar Munawer) is inspired from Kal Ho Na Ho’s famous dialogue “6 Din Ladki In”.

Let us keep our fingers crossed that one day not only one or 2 but many Pakistani filmmakers will come out with films which will go houseful and where producers don’t have to show fabricated box-office report. Till then we need Bollywood to support our cinema owners. Pakistani Cinema needs block-busters; unfortunately there aren’t many.

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