Haar Ko Harao – A Brilliant Example of Ad-making

A good TVC is a delight to watch. TVCs which are created with rational thinking, creative zing, great copy-writing skills and visually appealing elements for the target market are not commonly witnessed. In the world of advertising an impactful television or digital video commercial plays a vital role to bring customers to the stores and demand a particular product. The recent TVC of Surf Excel highlighting Haar Ko Harao is very impressive on multiple grounds. Let me walk you through to the TVC and you will be amazed with the kind of detailing this TVC offers to its target audience.

Surf Excel’s Haar Ko Harao TVC

Crisp Storyline of Haar Ko Harao:

The TVC of Surf Excel’s #HaarKoHarao campaign is a great example of crisp storytelling. An ad has the ability to engage its audience, and Surf Excel’s latest TVC has all the power to attract its target market. The content of the TVC is to the point, relevant and has the ability to involve its viewers to the world of the little kid and his coach. The conversation between the two is remarkably penned, which shows the command of the copy-writer on motivation, never-say-die approach and persistence.

Thought Provoking:

Haar ko harao tvc 3

Haar Ko Harao’s TVC offers a strong message which seeps in unknowingly because it is delivered in such a fun way, thanks to the innocence of the kid that it does not look forceful but cute and adorable. Haar Ko Harao offers a great message in a very fun and light note, that is, one should never lose hope, failures happen but life doesn’t end, in fact every failure lets you learn a thing or two – learning is priceless.

That’s why Henry Ford said

Failure is the opportunity to begin again, more intelligently.

Ad-maker’s Perspective:

The entire team which worked on Haar Ko Harao TVC for Surf Excel deserves appreciation because this TVC is brilliantly done from where I see it. It readily connects with its viewers and that’s a winning streak by any ad-maker and their team. Elements like enthusiasm, determination, struggle to win and innocence of childhood are all shared aesthetically as well as dealt with maturity; not in any frame or scene the ad-maker went overboard.

Highlight of the TVC:

Haar Ko Harao best moment

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