Why Condemning Wife Beating Bill Is Necessary?

In a remote village of Sindh lives Bakhtawar with her 5 daughters in HER HUSBAND’S house. Her husband ILYAS, is CHATEE PASS (6th standard pass). They own a small farm where ILYAS used to grow crops before his wedding but no more. Now it is Bakhtawar’s responsibility like everything else. From the first light of the dawn to dusk, Bakhtawar works tirelessly.

Her mother named her Bakhtawar with great love. But she didn’t know, her bakhtawar had to bear such hardships. Betiyun k bakht se hi tu dar lagta hai (Parents are concerned with fates of their daughters). Uneducated, no great beauty but Bakhtawar still had some dreams. Dreams of her own house, a loving husband, paranday aur churiyan. Married at the tender age of 16, she found Ilyas as her husband, neither bad nor good, bas Shohar, man-marzi-malik shohar. She gave birth to her first daughter within a year and then Allah opened the doors blessings for her. 5 daughters in 7 years. But NO SON. No namesake.

man beating wife

And then Ilyas started beating her. Not because she was illiterate, not because she was not pretty and not even because she gave birth to 5 daughters but because HE CAN. HE IS THE HUSBAND. HE IS THE MAN. He doesn’t need a reason. HE JUST CAN.


(Now even the cleric has declared that it’s allowed to beat a wife)

We, the educated WOMEN of PAKISTAN hate the idea of this so called Women protection bill. Why? Coz it hurts our pride, Ego?  It questions the concept of feminism.

The educated women of Pakistan can ask k How dare they say that a husband can hit his wife, whether lightly or any other way. But can the Bakhtawars of Pakistan ask the same question?

Women in Pakistan are protesting against the Women Protection Bill about #TryBeatingMeLightly, PROTEST, PROTEST IN EARNEST. Not for yourself. But for thousands of Women like Bakhtawar or may be more than a few thousands. Do not give men a reason to treat women poorly.

wife beating

I stand in solidarity with every woman who protests against this point of the women protection bill.