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Blue Band TVC “Achayi Barhne Do” Is Remarkable

The latest TVC of Blue Band is making waves. The idea behind the execution of the ad is quite interesting and very heart-touching. Unilever has always created ads which are visually pleasant, simple to understand and have crisp storytelling. Similarly, for Blue Band’s new TVC, the ad is creatively directed and executed remarkably. The ad highlights the kids and how they care about a physically challenged kid, how they make him play with them. This message in itself is very strong and makes us realize that disabled kids are not apart from anyone but are a part of this very society where we live in.

Blue Band’s Achayi Barhne Do TVC

The ad is pretty simple to understand and follows easy to understand story-boarding. When the mother is shown suspicious about her kid she wants to find out why was he acting like that and soon she notices the boy with one arm being called by them to play with them. This is heart-warming and messages like this should be practiced through advertising and marketing. It is a great way of communicating the message to the target audience. This ad is a great example of showcasing that kids need to be taught good lessons which make their foundation stronger.

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It’s high time that we need to change the perception and let’s start it right away, as we need to educate kids about humanity, equality and morality. Blue Band’s new TVC teaches people to accommodate differently-abled kids and not to segregate them by any means. Such people (kids) don’t need any sympathy or pity; all they need is to be accepted wholeheartedly by everyone around. Give them half a chance and they will surprise entire nation with their talent and abilities.

Keep up the good work and keep coming up with such wonderful and delightful concepts.