irrfan bakeri nankhatai
Bakeri Releases Nan Khatai’s TVC Featuring Irrfan Khan

A good advertisement always connects with the viewers and its target market. Ad filmmakers understand this very well and this is why most of them try to come up with a concept that is close to heart and can be readily connected to their audience. In recent times, a few ads are very nicely made and they are loved by classes and the masses. One of such TVCs is of Bakeri Nan Khatai, which features international celebrity Irrfan Khan. Irrfan Khan is known for his accurate diction and spontaneous expressions and the director makes the full of both in the TVC of Bakeri Nankhatai.

Bakeri Nan Khatai TVC – Irrfan Khan

The ad is filled with some amazing dialogues and for this the content team needs a huge appreciation. The comparison between Qutub Minaar with Minaar-e-Pakistan shows a decent level of research that is incorporated in the ad. The ad also depicts the culture of Lahore and scrumptious food for which Lahore is widely known as well.

From background score to the backdrop created for the ad, this TVC is out and out a delight to watch and make you say “Waah”.