veeram trailer
After Bahubali Get Ready For Veeram

Bahubali created history and we have all not only loved it, but are actually waiting for the next installment of Bahubali. Apart from Bahubali, there is another interesting film which is about to be released this year. The trailer is shared on Hrithik Roshan’s Facebook page and he has appreciated the trailer of this new movie. Veeram is based on the plot of Macbeth. Kunal Kapoor is playing the main lead in Veeram. The trailer of Veeram gives very positive feel about the film. Here is the theatrical trailer, watch it:

So, what do you say? Doesn’t Veeram look simply great? The movie looks impressive and very different from the run of the mill films. Let’s see if Veeram can raise the bar. All the best to the entire team of Veerma, following are some shots from the trailer:

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