5 Make Up Essentials To Sport Your Diva Look

Have a sudden plan coming up? This calls for a fresh coat of a vibrant nail color and an eyeliner, but imagine you are in emergency and you have forgotten all your make up essentials at home, what would you do then? To save yourself from any sort of hassle you must create an SOS make up kit of your own. These make up products are ideal for touch ups and are perfect for the girls on go!

Your favorite lip color

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If you have lipstick that your color and goes with all your outfits in hand, you are just a quote away from a perfect pout. To look at your best for the evening opt for your favorite lippy or adhere to a nude shade that will go with all your outfits. For a fuss free lipstick application opt for dual ended crayons. You can also mix two shades to create your own version of lip color with them. You can also save a few bucks and extra space in your bag if you get travel sized versions of your favorite colors.

The Crucial Compact Powder

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This comes with a sponge applicator, a mirror and a face powder and is the most effective product from the collection. A small puff of this powder after you have applied foundation definitely does the trick of making your make up stay on for several hours.

Alluring Eyeliner

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When smoky eyes become a cliché, dramatize your style with a liquid eyeliner. All you’ll have to do is invest in a product which is convenient to apply and remains on for long hours. In case if you have room for one or more contender in your bag, make sure your mascara is waterproof and gives an absolutely perfect finishing touch.


In case if you have prominent dark circles, then concealer is the handy product that you’ll keep in your bag. Moreover it also works as a cream on eyes. Just dab it a wee bit in your area with dark circles and you’ll be ready to step out again.

Foundation stick

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There is no doubt that the liquid foundation blends into your skin effortlessly, but the stick version is way more convenient to put on. Just opt for the color that is closest in contrast to your skin tone and always make sure to apply that shade in natural light, so that no area on your skin gets left out. Whenever you apply it make sure you wash your face and then cleanse it properly for better effects.