4 Worth Remembering Looks from Filmfare Red Carpet 2018

All the celebrities adore red carpet. They dress up in their fanciest attires and pose for the paparazzi in ultimate frenzy.

The Awards were attended by some of most prominent celebrities of Bollywood in their blingy outfits many people turn their heads to give them the most admiring glances, there were many there were many fashion blunders these stars made which they should’ve avoided.

From Pretty Zinta’s exquisite gown with flares or poster dress worn Ranveer Singh all the celebrities were dressed at their best at the event. But who stole the thunder? Let’s find out!

Sonam Kapoor’s Cutting Edge Power Suit

Sonam Kapoor Filmfare 2018 3

Sonam has always been an eye candy for paparazzi for her incredible dressing style. This year for the Filmfare awards she donned a power suit and took her entire look a notch above with a Veera Wang embellished peacoat with cropped pants. Moreover she also did not over accessorize herself unlike many others and for that she totally deserves and applaud with five stars.

Preity Zinta’s Barbie Moment

prettie zinta Filmfare 2018 3

Preity Zinta’s dress was a big turn off at the event. It coerced fashion critics to contemplate that she was either reminiscing or celebrating her sweet 16 all over again. All the colour and flower embellishments looked way too overboard for the star’s current age.

Alia Bhatt’s Awe-Stricken Fluffy Attire

Alia bhatt Filmfare 2018 3

Alia Bhatt seems to be quite obsessed with spacious dressing, especially when it comes to attending filmfare awards. Just like the previous year, this year also she carried herself in the cutting edge Monsoori ball gown. But unfortunately she doubled the volume of her dress in which her petite figure sank along the frill. Here’s to hoping that she comes up with something without an overdose of oomph the next year!

Ranveer Singh’s Experimental Look

RS Filmfare 2018 3

This is known to everyone that Ranveer Singh has always been very creative when it comes to styling. This man does not follow ethnic norms followed on the red carpet by many and all his appearances on the red carpet have always been meticulously personalized. For this year he chose a Karrtik Dhingra vintage suit for himself that was printed with the stars of the most famous Bollywood films from the 80s. It definitely made him stand out in the crowd but certainly not in the positive manner. But he is cute and good looking, so we can cut him some slack here and won’t go too hard on him!