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102 Not Out Would’ve Been A Clean Bowled Without Its Stalwarts

It’s nostalgic to watch Lambuji and Tinguji together after 30+ years. Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor have worked in many films together from 70’s to early 80’s and Umesh Shukla has brought them back together in an unusual emotional-family drama 102 Not Out. Will Amitabh and Rishi be able to impress their audience? Will they be remembered as the exemplary father and son? Let’s see what 102 Not Out has in store for its viewers.

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102 Not Out revolves around a 102 years old father (Amitabh Bachchan), who’s young at heart and 75 years old son (Rishi Kapoor), a fatigued and boring man. One day father decides to send his son to an old age home. What happens next is a beautifully weaved emotional tale of a father and son which is loaded with dramatic, comedic and intense scenes.

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Amitabh Bachchan proves once again that be it his character from Pa, Piku, Pink, Black or 102 Not Out, the maestro has the maturity and command to play them all with gusto. In a few places he seems too fit to be a 102 years old man but that’s the aura of Big B that he involves the audience with him even in his nonsensical moves, dialogues and expressions which seem a little forced by either director or the writer. Rishi Kapoor plays his part brilliantly, the role isn’t an easy one as it requires a lot of underplaying – but Rishi Kapoor being a veteran carries his character beautifully. Jimit Tivedi is effective.

Story wise, 102 Not Out is quite unrealistic and challenges audience’s intellect to huge levels. It is one of those “too good to be true” kind of stories where reality and common sense take a backseat. The story-line is rushed and before one can make their mind up about why and how things are happening, they actually start and one has to go along with that. Although in the climax, the writer tries to sum things up and bring relevance to the mindless journey of 80+ minutes but to be honest, audience expected more than that from a Bachchan-Kapoor reunion.

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Direction is decent and it makes audience emotional at several points. Whether it’s the airplane sequence, horse-cart scene, scene between Rishi Kapoor and his son at the air-port they all are very well executed and directed. The strongest point of 102 Not Out is the high dosage of emotional quotient which it brings in front of the audience by the veterans of Bollywood. Thanks to the able cast, if these legends hadn’t been in the film it would have fallen flat on its face. Sonu Nigam’s Kulfi will make audience cry in the theater that’s for sure. Rest of the songs hardly get noticed.

Kulfi – 102 Not Out

Watch 102 Not Out to rejoice the bond between Amitabh and Rishi; the entire film rests on the shoulders of these two giants.

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