Trailer Review – 102 Not Out

For those who thought that they won’t be able to watch lambuji and tingujee from 80’s together, mostly playing the character of brothers, Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor will be thrilled to know that the two veterans will be sharing the screen together for an upcoming strange film called 102 Not Out. The film is based on a south Indian play on which a regional film was also made. Amitab Bachchan will be playing the father (102 years old) of Rishi Kapoor (playing a 75 years old man). Here is the trailer of the film.

Watching Amitab enacting the character of a man who’s a century old will be quite an experience. From the trailer it is evident that the film is not just a comic flick but an emotional story to loot at. Rishi Kapoor’s character is very serious, unadventurous and introvert sort, as per the trailer. On the other hand, Amitab is shown as a full of life person who wants to break the record of the oldest man in the world. The trailer has its fair share of interesting moments and they also leave a strong impression.

Let’s hope that 102 Not Out will bring another nice entertainer from such deadly combo who were known for giving back to back hits back in 80’s. Do share what you think about the trailer.