Why Kitchens Are Going on a shutter-down from 23 – 25 December?

As in all the previous years FoodPanda has continued on to its tradition of closing the year on a foodie note. FoodPanda is offering a treat to everyone. FoodPanda has come up with the best ever campaign with the perfect message for women of every household. They have declared 23rd, 24th and 25th December as #Don’tCook days. During this 3 day period, they are offering up to 80% discount on more than 200 restaurants across Pakistan. Isn’t this offer exciting? Especially if you are a foodie and love food deals.

The last week of December is rich with the promise of happiness for everyone. With the Christmas, Quaid-e-Azam’s birthday and winter vacations of school going kids, December is a festive month. FoodPanda team has decided to make this last week of 2016 extra special for the people of Pakistan. That is why FoodPanda chose to turn this festive week into a huge celebration by offering massive discounts on 200 restaurants across Pakistan.

With this campaign, people across Pakistan will be able to enjoy huge discounts and awesome deals for 3 continuous days. Everyone associated with Food Panda is super excited for this mega event. From partnering restaurants, celebrities, chefs to all foodies, are looking forward to this campaign as some of the most favorite and famous food chains of Pakistan like New York Pizza, KFC, McDonalds, OnePotatoTwoPotato, Domino’s and numerous others are offering great discount and value for money deals. And all these discounts with just a few clicks on their phones.

Nauman Sikandar, CEO foodpanda says, “Best of 2016 this year around is going to be fabulous! The amazing discounts that we have been bringing for our customers all year long have been bundled up in three just days, with up to 80% Discounts on more than 200 top restaurants. So, 23rd to 25th December ghar pe khana nahi banana hai, sirf foodpanda se mangwana hai!”

FoodPanda has always offered the best deals to its customers like Free Delivery on food, Flat 20% discount on any and all orders and its 4th Anniversary deals, Black Friday, The Great Online Food Festival and so many more exciting campaigns throughout 2016. Every month, we await for FoodPanda to disclose new and exciting campaigns and here it the bang we had been waiting for in the form of a wonderful ending to 2016. So, lock up your kitchens and enjoy 3 consecutive days of festivities, celebrations and food.