Title Track Of Rangreza Crosses 1 Million Views In 3 Hours

There was a time when Pakistani films were known for their amazing music. In 60’s, 70’s and 80’s the songs used to be melodious and high on rhythm. Then came the era of pop music and Pakistan produced some brilliant pop singers who gave evergreen singles – that was early to late 90’s. Today, Pakistani cinema needs good music along with better scripts and ideation. Rangreza is the upcoming film which will feature Bilal Ashraf, Urwa Hocane and Gohar Rasheed in pivotal roles. The title track of Rangreza was released on 8th August 2017. The interesting part is that within just a few hours the title track hit and crossed the 1 million mark of views and people have loved the song.

Title Track of Rangreza;

The title track of Rangreza is sung by J. Ali, composed by Mohsin Ali and Lyrics by Azam Pasha. The music is good and brings back the memories of pop/rock songs from 90’s with today’s essential elements smartly placed in it. As far as the lyrics are concerned they are nice as well. J. Ali brilliantly has sung the title track of Rungreza on high note and has cleverly gone on high pitch as well. This kind of song is a very nice effort from Pakistani film industry. We haven’t listened to such songs in Pakistani cinema for quite some time now. Credit must be given to the entire team of musicians.

The guitar is played remarkably. It is among those tracks which should be played on high volume to maximize the fun. The song takes you over as it stats with soft notes but then as it proceeds the beats and guitar work take you to another level; along with great vocals. There must be some reason why the title track of Rangreza received 1 million plus views – it looks like that the album of Rangreza will be interesting one!

All the best to the entire team. The film will release on 21st December 2017.