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Saba Qamar As Qandeel Baloch In Baaghi

Saba Qamar is all ready to amaze us with her breathtaking performance as the queen of controversy Qandeel Baloch. Saba Qamar is known as the most bold and daring actress who never says no to any challenge. Her career is full of such different and inspirational roles which impart some effect on society.

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While all other Pakistani actresses are running after any role in Indian movies, this diva chose to work wisely. Her debut in Bollywood, Hindi Medium, was exemplary and praised by all. Now, she is busy with her next project Baaghi that is based on the star of social media controversy Qandeel Baloch. This drama titled BAAGHI will be shown on Urdu 1 in August.

Qandeel Baloch’s Infamous Song – Bann

Qandeel was a model whose videos were viral on social media and her brother killed her in the name of honor on 16th July 2017, in Multan. That’s why Saba Qamar is facing extreme criticism and threats about this biopic. In return, our daring diva has responded very bravely. She said that people will be disappointed if they want some entertainment show. We want to show the difficulties Qandeel faced during her journey. Our motive is not to glorify her videos or make her look pity.

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Saba added that everyone blames her due to her videos but no one is interested to know the reason behind. This model has tried every way to support her family but people only exploited her. So she was left with no option other than this to fulfill her dream. The digest writer is all set to expose the mystery behind Qandeel Baloch’s murder in the name of honor.

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She is surely handling this negative reaction very well. This drama serial will definitely be a game changer for her career and be a big hit.

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