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Hindi Medium – A Serious Message Delivered Perfectly

We are judged with the language and not with the feelings and ability to prosper. English, if spoken by any Chinese, German or French in not-so-fluent manner is acceptable to us but if our countrymen speak wrong English, they become laughing stock for everyone. Based on the ridicule and class-division which has been crated, Hindi Medium is a very genuine attempt to shake people up and raise a very serious question but in a very light tone. Let’s see what Hindi Medium has to offer to its viewers.

Hindi Medium Trailer

Raj (Irrfan Khan) and Mita (Saba Qamar) are happily married with a daughter. Mita wants to give her daughter Pia, a brighter future which, according to her, can only be provided if she gets her admitted in one of the best schools of Delhi i.e. Delhi Grammar School. For this, she makes Raj leave his old house in Chandni Chowk to shift in a posh locality. After countless efforts, including their personal training and transformation to adjust in the society to dressing sense and English-speaking practices they fail to get their daughter admitted in the school. Then they are suggested to get the admission of Pia in “poor quota”. And for this Raj and Mita has to shift to a very poor neighborhood, where they meet Shyam Parkash (Deepak Dobriyal). What happens then is a brilliantly weaved story filled with emotions, relationships, humanity and language-race.

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Irrfan Khan is the soul of the film. Khan gives a stellar performance and transforms himself in to a loving husband and good-hearted individual like fluid. He delivers his one-liners with great command and ease. Saba Qamar is first-rate. Saba gives a very solid performance; she gets a chance to perform both comedy and emotional scenes; she nails them all with delight. If she selects the right scripts and roles, Saba will definitely have a brighter future unlike many other Pakistani actresses. Deepak Dobriyal is brilliant, like always. Deepak portrays a simpleton with utmost ease. He adds great relief in the movie and audience wants to see him more. In one scene which is among his last scene in the film, he delivers emotional scene with thorough understanding; hitting the bulls-eye. Amrita Singh, Sanjay Suri and Neha Dhupia are just there for taking the story forward; nothing more to add about them.

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Script of Hindi Medium is very crisp and tight. Audience can easily relate to the problems and issues depicted in the film. Direction is good and the noteworthy point is that the film conveys its message in the right direction. Following moments are captured and presented in very nice manner;

  • When Deepak teaches Irfan “How-to-ride a bus”
  • The scene where Deepak arranges money for Irrfan
  • When Pia gets selected and the aftermath

With plus points, Hindi Medium has its share of drawbacks too. For instance, first half is better than the second half; second half becomes a little dragged. The climax is very filmy. The song in the end could have easily be skipped; plus, the final speech by Irrfan Khan is a little too much. The speech was delivered well – thanks to Khan but the script lacked the power packed dramatic narration.

Hindi Medium is a film which should be seen by all parents. It is a very good attempt with an authentic message; the script is very different as we haven’t seen many films on this subject.

At the box office, Hindi Medium will do decent business as it’s majorly targeted towards multiplexes but the dialogues will be equally enjoyed by masses.

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