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Nadia Jamil Raises Her Voice on Rampant Of Sexual Abuse

Whenever we talk about sexual abuse or misconduct almost every single woman you come across has at some point in life been a victim of sexual assault. Yes the thought of sexual abuse makes you cringe, but if you ever ask any woman to think back, she’ll have at least one story. For many it is not just one incident, it is a pattern of encounters which they can trace back in their flashbacks of childhood.

After the terrifying tragedy of Kasur, where an eight year old girl who was raped and abducted was found, many celebrities from across the country have come forth to articulate their agony over this issue.

The actor par excellence Nadia Jamil was also one of the first celebrities to come forward to talk on this matter and ask for justice on this horrible incident.

Nadia Jamil Tweets on Sexual Abuse

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Sexual abuse is a widespread issue in our society with no confines to gender and class as men also in our society get abused and assaulted. Nadia Jamil also opened up about her dreadful experience on Twitter. “I was four the first time I was abused sexually,” she wrote. She further shared that the confrontations did not stop there. It was in college when such happenings blew out of proportion. Her family also restricted her to not bring these details on surface to secure her their honor. But as per Nadia her family’s honor is not signified by her body. This does not damage her or her family’s honor and this is not her shame at all. She further expressed that she is proud that she survived the un-survivable, and sharing this does not bring any shame to her and her kids, but only more strength to her, for having endured such trauma with valor.