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Mubasher Lucman – The Other Side

In Pakistan we have very few anchorpersons who are not only accurate with their research but are blessed with quick wit. Mubasher Lucman is undoubtedly among those analysts in Pakistan who are gifted with the art of talking on any subject that is given to him. He adds beauty to the simplest statement with the way he delivers it.

Lucman is widely known as an investigative and very authentic journalist but the interesting fact is that he is a very humble and down to earth person. Mubasher Lucman is a true social media person and his Twitter responses prove his commitment to people. He responds to everyone who interacts with him. Some might consider Mubasher Lucman as an outspoken person who at times becomes aggressive but that aggression is actually the passion he has for what he loves.

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Mubasher Lucman has always supported good causes, mostly those causes about which he is passionate. He always does things which make him happy from inside. Not many people know that Lucman has sung a few songs as well. Yes, it is about time that you should get acquainted with another trait of Lucman which is way too different from what we usually see on our TV screens. Mubasher Lucman has sung two songs titled “Summer Wine” and cover version of “First of May”. Both these songs were for fund raising and good causes i.e. Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital. Just imagine the depth of this man, who can go to the next level, stepping out of his comfort zone to support such a valued cause with so much passion and command.

Summer Wine By Mubasher Lucman:

With a strong background and understanding the advertising and ability to play with words by using correct words and phrases in right places, he impresses his viewers and all those who communicate with him. Mubasher Lucman is a crowd puller and center of attraction, no matter where he goes. He is a people’s person.

Let me share another side of Lucman’s personality and that is he has also directed and produced a film named “Pehla Pehla Pyar”. The film was, at that point of time, one of the most expensive films of Pakistan. Lucman is actually a man of multiple traits and he loves doing things which excite him. He believes in giving his best to whatever he does.

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Mubasher Lucman  has promoted a lot people and one of the examples is of Aima Baig. This man is always ready to help those who are less fortunate and this is why he is loved and respected. Even on social media, particularly on Twitter, his following is crazy. Twitter brigade supports him and loves him for being fair and clean from all sorts of dirt.