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Mathira Responds to Divorce Rumour

When the rumours of Mathira’s news went viral online, she didn’t really like it.

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Speaking to one of the reporters she told that she was utterly disappointed and was in state of shock that there are people claiming that she has been talking about her personal life and think they are entitled to have a say about it. She completely dismissed all the rumours saying that none of it was true.

Mathira got married to a Punjabi singer in the year 2013, by the name of Flint JJ in a private ceremony in Pakistan. Even after publicizing the news of her marriage, Mathira was reluctant to give personal details regarding her bond with her husband, in order to maintain secrecy of her personal life.

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She also highlighted that many prominent social media personalities and TV channels made news of her separation with her husband viral, making pseudo claims that she personally spoke to them about her divorce to confirm the rumour.

She further added that it is true that she is having some issues in her personal life, but that doesn’t mean this gives people right to have a say about it and spread rumours.

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Mathira concluded by urging media channels to respect her personal life and her right to privacy. She also told that sheresponded various bloggers and asked them to take down their false posts, and even made them to apologize her.