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Main Maa Nahin Banna Chahti – Has Engaging Power

Main Maa Nahin Banna Chahti is one of those dramas which have multiple peels; in the 5th episode of Main Maa Nahin Banna Chahti the writer has taken the drama to much complex state. The sequencing is quite impressive, as it does not look dragged or lose grip. This episode is an interesting watch and unfolds some other elements associated with the characters introduced earlier.

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The wedding night of Jibran and Imaan is executed interestingly. The questions raised from Jibran make Imaan so uncomfortable that she leaves the room on her very first night and Maham tries to take the advantage of this serious situation. She tries to calm down Imaan by telling her to stay with her in her room so that other family members don’t get to know about this act of Imaan. On the other hand, Maaham tries to engage Jibran and tell her that she (herself) was the perfect choice for him but he never took her seriously. Maaham even tries to keep Jibran away from Imaan by telling him that she will send her to his room later, once she regains herself. The entire scene is executed with command over direction, dialogues and performances.

In the morning when Imaan leaves Maaham’s room, Jibran’s mother spots them together and starts to ask questions. She asks about the entire situation from Imaan and Jibran but they share nothing crisp or concrete. When Imaan’s family brings breakfast for Imaan, Maaham interacts with Faaris and that scene is the stealer, the way Faaris responds to Maaham is amazing. Faaris might act and sound weak but he shows his aggression in that scene and the way Maaham reacts is also very commendable.

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Jibran’s character seems a little mixture of good and bad, the way he brings out previous things and then he apologizes for his behavior makes audience understand that he has multiple shades in his character; one is awed by the beauty of his love and the other is alpha male. The next episode will explore what this drama has more to offer. In terms of dialogues and performances, Main Maa Nahin Banna Chahti has engaging power for sure.

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