Lahore Se Aagey – High On Entertainment

In Pakistani cinema, subtle comedy is desperately needed and there are very few who holds the mastery of writing a combination of subtle and slapstick humor with complete command. Karachi Se Lahore, released last year, received mixed response from audience. The director of KSL, Wajahat Rauf, was quite contented with the response received as it was one of its kind movies for Pakistani audience. A rom-com road trip isn’t what Pakistani audience sees more often. Wajahat Rauf is back with the sequel by casting Yasir Hussain, Saba Qamar, Behroze Subzwari, Rubina Ashraf, Umar Sultan and a few more faces. This time the entire movie revolves around Moti and Taara. Let’s see what Lahore se Aagey has in store for the viewers.

Lahore Se Aagey starts off with Moti aka Mutazalzal’s (Yasir Hussain) monologue, which answers many questions related to why Moti is the part of the movie and not the rest. The monologue is crisply written. Soon Moti founds out that two guys (Abdullah Farhatullah and Umar Sultan) are after him and want to kill him but he doesn’t know why. He runs for his life and bumps into Taara (Saba Qamar). Taara is an aspiring singer who wants to participate in a music competition and recently had a break-up with her John Abraham look-alike boyfriend. They both feast on a journey, as Moti needs to visit Swat to see his ailing uncle (Behroz Subzwari). The rest is the perfect road trip which takes place, with multiple humorous and emotional settings. Why are the two goons after Moti’s life? What will be Taara’s fate, whether she’ll participate in the music competition or not? Explore all answers by watching Lahore se Aagey.


A comedy movie mainly depends upon two factors first is the script; the kind of jokes there are in the movie and the second is the performance. Lahore Se Aagey is well-equipped with great humor, which every diehard fan of Pakistani music, Indian movies and some Pakistani films can relate with. Yasir Hussain as Moti is amazing. He is at his most comfort zone and he never disappoints in any single scene. Yasir is brilliant with his comic timing and accent. Saba Qamar oozes hotness and acts remarkably well. Saba is a complete package; she is sexy, smart, vibrant and every bit believable.


Abdullah Farhatullah as the baddie is praiseworthy. His Pashto and English accent will be loved by the audience. Umar Sultan as sidekick adds authentic wit with his Amitabh Bachchan accent. Umar is amazing with his spontaneous timing and dialogue delivery. He has few scenes but he is amongst the highlights of Lahore Se Aagey. Behroze Subzwari is first rate with his emotional and comic scenes. Rubina Ashraf is okay. There are many cameos as well in the movie which are smartly placed (like Ali Haider, Shiraz Uppal, Atiqa Odho, Noorul Hasan, Ali Zafar, Komal Rizvi, Hasan Rizvi, Wajahat Rauf and many more) as they keep the viewer interested and engaged.


Lahore Se Aagey is one of those movies which is out and out entertainer i.e. “Paisa Wasool” movie. Those who are planning to watch a sensible and Oscar winning film, they can skip it but those who want to have a good laugh and many smile for 2.5 hours, with clean humor; they shouldn’t miss Lahore Se Aagey at all.


Music of the movie is great. Kalabaaz, Befikrian and Zara Si Lagalo are really good. Direction wise, Wajahat Rauf has all that it takes to be the next David Dhawan of Pakistani cinema –as he knows how to entertain his audience with complete ease. Another interesting element of Lahore Se Aagey is that it keeps reminding you with the characters which were the part of Karachi Se Lahore.


Lahore Se Aagey is a treat to watch (minus the involvement of sense making elements). It deserves 3 out of 5 stars based on the high entertainment value attached to it.

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