Khan Episode 4
Khan Episode 4 Review

The last episode of Khan (04) was quite an interesting one. Aijaz Aslam hosted a dinner at his house where he invited Khan and his wife. Aijaz notices the rapport between Khan and Sarwat (Jameel’s wife); he wants to find the string from where he can bring all the incidents from past to uncover the relationship between Khan and his wife. The dialogues are well-written and have some grip as well. On the other hand, the romantic sequence between Sohail and Khan’s daughter is quite boring; the guy is weak as an actor. Ditto for the other guy (the painter); he looks very amateurish and acts bad.

The 4th episode of Khan also takes back to the past and shows a few glimpses about the connection Khan and Sarwat had. This could have been done more artistically but the entire treatment is very confusing, not sure if the writer and the director wanted to keep this all as confusing as it appeared. The twist in the tale is however brought by Jameel’s death. Not sure what will happen now as the main lead opposite Khan is no more.

Performance by Shahzad Raza is weak and looks bad. An experienced actor like him shouldn’t be performing like that. Over all, the only track which seems somewhat acceptable is the one between Jameel and Khan; apart from that Khan is still going through weak execution. Let’s wait for the 5th episode of Khan to see what’s there in future; and who can give hard time to Khan other than Jameel.