Khan Finally Pacing Up – Episode 3 Review

Khan is starting to pace up now, that’s what I noticed in the 3rd episode. The 3rd episode of Khan is by far the interesting one as compared to previous ones. The story is starting to unfold multiple angles related to Khan, his sister, Neelam and Aijaz Aslam’s wife (Shaista Lodhi). Dialogues of the recent episode were nicely written. Especially the discussion on the dining table between Khan, his sister and Khan’s wife is penned interestingly. Saba Hameed makes sure that she expresses the emotion accurately. The track between Aijaz Aslam and Shaista Lodhi is somewhat half cooked, although the dialogues are meaningful and smartly written.

The character of Sohail is a good addition but it could have been executed differently (read: realistically); the entire conversation between Sohail and Neelam was quite impractical. So, far the most interesting track is of Khan and Shaista Lodhi; the association between them is yet to be unmasked. Viewers are curious to know about them more. However, the pictures seen by Aijaz Aslam are still a riddle. What do those pictures share about the past of his innocent looking wife; this is yet to be found out.

Wait for the next episode, as everyone will love to know what will happen on the dinner where Khan and Shaista are face to face in the presence of Aijaz Aslam.