Kangana Ranaut Talks About Her Patch Up With Karan Johar

Earlier this month the news of reconciliation between Kangana Ranaut and Karan Johar were making waves, after their settlement over the issue of nepotism going on in Bollywood. The rumours of them coming on friendly terms erupted when their images with each other at Karan Johar’s latest talent hunt show India’s Next Superstar went viral on media.

Although in her latest episode, Kangana talked about the photos that were shared and completely dismissed the news of their rumours of patch up. She revealed she never had any personal grudges against Karan Johar in the first place.

As per Indian newspaper, Kangana also said that she has also been previously on Karan’s other show and has also been meeting him at other events. She further said that she doesn’t hold any hard feelings against Karan, regardless of whomever she has spoken to about him.

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The veteran Queen actress stressed that whatever she said before was only about the issues that persist in Bollywood, not regarding people or her personal terms with them. Moreover she also said that she has always brought issues like sexual misconducts, exploitation of celebrities and nepotism happening in the industry, in limelight by talking about them. Although this isn’t necessary that she would always be right as there have been many instances in her life where she has been proven wrong as well, but that does not mean that she has no right to raise her voice.

Kangana also made it clear that Karan and her, they both have been at peaceful terms for a while. She responded to one of the reporters that Karan is mature and very well aware that she doesn’t have any hard feelings for him. Her goal is not to turn Karan Johar into a saint but to reduce the rate of ongoing issues within the industry, in order to make it a better place.