Karan Johar & Kangana Ranaut – Patch Up or No Patch Up?

Kangana Ranaut and Karan Johar’s controversy was one of the biggest trends in previous year 2017 that revolved around nepotism. Although after sometime the discussions regarding nepotism got buried under the rug and so did the heat that erupted between Karan and Kangana Ranaut.

Recently a picture of Kangana and Karan got viral on social media, from the sets of India’s Next Superstar, sharing a laugh together. No clue what was the joke that made them laugh so hard but what has ignited curiosity amongst the fans more is the fact that if they both have sorted out differences between them or not.

kangana-ranaut-karan-johar-mediamagick 1

One can vividly recall that the occasional actor and director-cum television host and the actress had a confrontation last year, when at one of his shows Kangana Ranaut who is good with piercing words told him that he encouraged nepotism and called him the Flag Bearer For Nepotism. Right after this they both would ignore each other during different events and public platforms. Moreover when they both were placed in the same place like Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival the previous year, they clearly chose to not make direct eye contact.

kangana-ranaut-karan-johar-mediamagick 2

Apparently they both have hugged it out. The duo while posing together on a stage show on Star Plus’s show, which Karan Johar is also co-judging with Rohit Shetty. Although Kangana again managed to throw another taunt at the director of the most evergreen movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.

In one of the segments of the show of “How well do you know each other?, Kagana was questioned that what Karan mostly serves guests whom he invites at his talk show, Koffee with Karan, to which Kangana Ranaut instantly responded, “Zeher pilata hai, mujhse poocho!”