Javed Akhtar Asks What Karni Sena Was Protesting For

After watching Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s controversial movie Padmaavat, just like others, Javed Akhter was also perplexed what were the protesters (Karni Sena) objecting in the movie. While expressing his views after watching the movie, he said that not a word in the movie is demeaning to Rajput community.

The veteran writer-lyricist recently watched the director’s concoction on the historical Rajput story, with his wife, Shabana Azmi, and left the cinema being highly impressed by the plot and performance of actors. He even questioned later that what exactly protesters were objecting over before its release, as the overall film pays passionate and unadulterated homage to the integrity of the Rajput community.

Javed Akhtar Padmaavat

He told that his wife Shabana was also exhilarated after watching the movie. He said that it should be nominated by India for the Oscars. He further added that he was overwhelmed after watching the entire movie and suggested that every Indian must watch it. He was absolutely mesmerized by the storytelling of Padmaavat and there were many scenes in it that left him spellbound.

While reacting to lack of support from people from within the Rajput community, Shabana said that it is absolutely unfair to the film industry that it is being accused for the lack of support from a particular community. The industry could’ve also taken action but it was prevented to do so as the producers of the movie thought that it was wise to choose not to be confrontational!

Shabana Azmi further added that had the FIRs been lodged against the culprits i.e. Karni Sena, who were spreading the unnecessary propaganda and assaulted Sanjay Leela Bhansali, things would not have reached this extent.