Coke Zero
Impressive Digital Out Of Home Campaign By Coke Zero

Pakistan, the traffic conditions are not very good. Civic sense needs to be preached to the citizens of Pakistan. Coke has tried to play its part in order to make traffic conditions better. For this, Coke Zero’s digital screen (a nice Digital Out Of Home campaign) is installed at the traffic signals. The idea is to synchronize the traffic counter with the Coke Zero digital screen. Here is how it works and looks:

Coke Zero – Digital Out Of Home Campaign

The concept is very unique, interesting and can be easily considered among the pioneers of such type of marketing campaigns. It is every citizen’s responsibility to abide traffic rules and should not break signal, no matter what. With this DOOH Coke Zero’s digital screen, people at traffic signals can stop at the signal and have something of interest in front of their eyes. It is expected that there will be a decline in breaking of traffic rules. Credit goes to the creative mind behind this entire campaign. Coke Zero is going to be remembered for such a nice initiative for the society and the sales of Coke Zero will also hike up, with this DOOH marketing tactic.

So, what do you think about this campaign by Coca Cola? What’s your take on this DOOH?