EatOye The Year In Review

EatOye is one of the known online food ordering brands in Pakistan. The reputed name has accomplished many things in the year 2015. Some facts related to growth and business improvement need to be shared with the world as well. After all, the hard-work must be seen by all. Right?

Let’s talk about the revenue generation, well, that’s not supposed to be shared by lol. But let’s say more than 450,000 transactions were recorded, resulting an approximate value of 420 million PKR. WOAH! That’s huge, isn’t it?

On the contrary, there are 14,000 plus items that you can order from EatOye! Each day, the foodie nation opened EatOye on their devices and the approx. number of times per day the site is opened it more than 11,000. Now that’s something super amazing!

The marketing team smartly strategized the business model by collaborating with multiple prestigious brands like Tang, Pepsi and Herbion. Not only that, the social responsibility was very well campaigned by providing food to more than 10,000 under privileged individuals from different age brackets.

This and a lot had been done by the most rapidly growing food ordering brand EatOye! Let’s explore all by reviewing the following infographics.

EatOye’s 2015 Year In A Review

EatOye infographic

IG Credit: EatOye